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Child safety is probably most important to you aside from your child's health and well-being. But even though you may try your best to keep your child healthy and safe, it is not always easy to know exactly what to do - especially when your child is injured.

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Keeping your child safe is one of the most vital issues to consider during child rearing.

Since children don't come with childcare how-to manuals, this guide is a compilation of first-hand experience, lessons learned,

and information gathered while raising our own children to help answer those child safety questions all parents have.

Like most parents, my husband and I constantly worry over the safety and well being over our children, and have been doing so since before they were born.

While expecting our sons, I began eating healthy, faithfully followed doctors orders, and eagerly read through all the parenting magazines trying to ensure a healthy baby. But that was just the beginning...

Getting ready to bring home baby makes you see your home in a whole new way. Time for child proofing! Seemingly innocuous items like the mini-blinds suddenly became choking hazards! Uncovered outlets are there to tempt small fingers.

The kitchen, bathrooms, stairs... the list of potential dangers is endless! Don't even get me started on proper feeding, medications, and the ever present threat of germs (I actually kept hand sanitizer handy for all those visitors that wanted to hold my baby).

The toddler years are a joy, but bring with them a whole host of new child safety risks to consider. It seems as if as soon as your child learns to walk, they learn to run, and climb, and never slow down.

They also learn to reach and grab for whatever catches their eye - and don't let those short little arms and legs fool you, they have the ability to get into everything!

child safety

As they get older, we probably don't have as much to worry about as far as the home front is concerned, but there is a whole big world out there just waiting for them to enter.

When joining the ranks of soccer moms (and dads), taxiing from one activity to the next, it is vital to be aware of child safety hazards and the proper equipment necessary to protect your child from them; bike helmets, knee pads, shin guards, etc.

Now is also the time to educate our children (and ourselves) about stranger danger, bullying, peer pressure, and just saying no.

In today's world there are a whole host of new issues that earlier generations didn't face growing up. The Internet is a wonderful product of the new age of technology, but without proper precautions and monitoring it can be a dangerous place for children and adolescents.

Of course no one can protect their children from everything or foresee all the possible dangers they may face, but with a little child safety planning and a lot of love we can protect them from a lot. After all, isn't that a parents' job?

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