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Bunk Bed Safety

Bunk beds represent another safety hazard when it comes to child bed safety.

While it is relatively safer to get a single bed, some still consider getting bunk beds because of personal preference.

Some bunk beds are built for two, whereas many of the more contemporary designs are one bed that is on a higher frame with additional furniture such as a play center or desk area on the lower frame.

Either way, these beds are dangerous as they represent a greater propensity for your child to fall from the top bed and injure themselves in a number of ways.

Risks represented with bunk beds include falling from the top, falling onto something dangerous on the floor, or when children play on their beds and underestimate the height.

Your child could also fall at anytime from their bed and get caught in the guardrail spacing and accidentally strangle themselves.

What age should your child be before bunk beds?

It is important that your child is old enough to sleep in a bunk bed for many reasons.

They need to be old enough to understand the rules surrounding the use of a new bunk bed and old enough to obey the rules.

A general rule of thumb is that children under six do not use bunk beds, even if they are sleeping on the bottom bunk.

Child Bed Guardrails should be installed on every bunk bed regardless of how old the child is that is using it, as these will be the first preventive measure against falls.

Make sure the gaps between the rails and the bed are no wider than 3 ½” as any wider and you face a strangulation hazard.

Using the proper bunk bed ladders.

Bunk beds also need to be equipped with a fixed child safe bunk bed ladder, rather than one that can be moved around the room.

An even better choice is a ladder that is on a gradient, rather than standing up completely vertical. This makes it easier for your child to go up and down the ladder.

You can also install some extra sticky rubber to attach to the steps and handles of your ladder to give your child a little more grip when ascending and descending.

It is a good idea also to have a night light on your child’s bunk bed so that they can see both the ladder and their bed should they need to get in and out of the bed during the night.

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