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Child Bathroom Safety Devices

Child bathroom safety devices can be found here at My Child Safety. You can feel safe shopping through Amazon.coms secure servers.

Searching for the right child bath safety products can be difficult if you don't know what to look for. To find the right child bath safety items, read our page on Child Bath Safety and learn tips about the products you need to help keep your child safe at bath time.

Learn which child safety toilet lid lock fits your needs or find that special cute child safe bathtub thermometer your baby will love.

Whether your searching for child bath safety mats or child safe bath tub spout covers you can find it here in our store.

Child Bathroom Safety Quick Tips:

  1. Place a spout cover over the bathtub faucet. These soft covers can prevent injury if your child accidentally bumbs his head on the spout. They also protect your child from a hot spout and sharp edges. Some spout covers are soft plastic in the shape of an animal. Others are inflatable plastic printed with a kid-friendly design.
  2. Place a slip-resistant mat in the shower stall or bathtub to give your little one and the rest of the family more grip.
  3. Install toilet latches on all toilet lids. As soon as a curious baby can pull himself up, he may decide to have a look inside the toilet or a toddler might try to fish out something he dropped in. In either case, he can go in headfirst if he loses his balance. The best toilet latches are easy for adults to use but hard for children, and they reset themselves after use.
  4. Child-proof the bathroom doorknob. Purchase a child-proof cover for the bathroom door knob that adults can open by gripping and turning the plastic cover. Kids won't be able to enter the bathroom alone.

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