child bed safety rail

Child Bed Safety Rail

What child bed safety rails are available?

Before you go out and buy the first child bed safety rail that matches your child's room and theme and looks pretty, do some research on the products that are available on the market.

There is a wide range available, ranging from softer pillow type rails, to actual bed railings you install on the bed.

The first thing you need to ensure is the size of your child's bed so that your bed rail will fit your child's bed adequately and securely.

A bed rail that does not fit properly will not perform the job it is supposed to, no matter how pretty it looks. When finding bed rails for baby cribs safety is always the number one priority.

Child bed safety rails and guards!

Choosing the right safety rails.

There are many different kinds of bed rails that you can get and how they attach. Some attach adjacent to the bed, some do not attach at all and lie along the side of the bed to protect from falls, and some attach at the top of the mattress frame.

To maximize child bed safety, purchase bed rails that attach at the top of the mattress frame to avoid your toddler from getting caught in between the rails and the bed.

In your research you will also find bed rails that attach along the sides of the mattress frame.

These bed rails are not the safest if your child is just making the move to a big bed, as there is a greater chance of them getting trapped between the bed rails and the mattress.

These rails are however useful for when your child is a little older and more accustomed to sleeping in the big bed.

If your child's bed is in the center of the room and not alongside a wall, then you can purchase bed safety rails in pairs so that both sides of the bed are guarded.

These are very safe bed safety rails and they will generally attach to each other from underneath the mattress. This gives the bed safety rails a comfortable yet very snug fit that are generally unmovable.

These bed safety rails also eliminate the chances of your child becoming stuck in between the mattress and the bed rails.

Even if you have purchased the safest bed safety rails on the market, you can not possibly predict the possibility of an accident, and sometimes accidents occur in even the safest conditions.

Most cases of injury related to child bed safety are as a result of faulty installation or some form of entrapment between mattress and bed safety rails.

Mesh that is attached on many of today's railings has also been the cause of many accidents as children that move in their sleep may get caught in the mesh.

Though this appears to be somewhat safe from the looks of it, children that get stuck in the mesh can experience difficulty breathing, or have fingers or body parts get trapped and inhibiting circulation.

Avoid purchasing child safety rails that have mesh attachments on them as well. Overall, bed safety rails are the angels in the night that they are intended to be, protecting your child as they sleep.

However you must ensure you choose your product well to eliminate as many possibilities of accidents as you can.

Child bed safety tips and rules.

Here are a few child bed safety tips and rules for parents, and things that you can do to ensure your child sleeps soundly and safely at night. Which ultimately will ensure a sound sleep for you as well.

  • Avoid purchasing bed rails with mesh attachments as a safety feature.
  • Purchase bed rails that attach underneath the mattress for a more secure fit, or along the top of the mattress to ensure no space is left between the mattress and the rails.
  • Measure your bed before you purchase bed rails to ensure you are purchasing the proper size.
  • Do not have any blind cords around your child's bunk bed.
  • Flooring in rooms with bunk beds should be soft enough to cushion possible falls.
  • Do not use bunk beds until your child is old enough to understand, and follow the rules that go with it.
  • Gaps between the bunk bed and the guard rails should be no more than 3 1/2".
  • Your bunk bed ladder should be fixed to the bed, and not be able to be moved around the room. Choose a ladder on a grade, rather than a straight vertical ladder, and install rubber to the handles and steps to ease grips.
  • Make sure the slats on your bunk bed frame are sturdy to avoid breakage and falls. Metal frames are much sturdier than wooden frames for this reason.

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