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Child Pool Safety Fence Buying Tips

A child pool safety fence provides protection against accidents and possible tragedy.

Children love to play in the water, and are unaware of the risks of playing near a swimming pool. Because they don't recognize and understand danger, parents must take measures to assure they are protected.

Several types of pool safety fences are available, including those with fiberglass posts, and aluminum posts. Each has its own specific safety features. Buyers should look at all the options and choose the one that best fits their requirements.

Fiberglass Pool Fence Posts and Mesh Pool Fencing
A number of advantages are attributed to fiberglass pool fencing, including strength, durability, weather resistance, permanent color, and its ability to stay cool in the hot sun.

Protect-A-Child offers exceptional fiberglass pool post fencing. It is so strong that they guarantee children cannot bend or break it. Their Quad-Bilt composite support posts do not conduct electricity and they are compliant with the National Electrical Code.

This pool safety fence also protects against electrical shock which can occur with some metal pool fence posts. These attributes are excellent safety features for the whole family. Learn more at

Aluminum Pool Fence Posts and Mesh
Several companies manufacture a strong mesh child pool safety fence that attaches to aluminum support poles.

The Life Saver Pool Fence offers high quality aluminum support posts. This pool safety fence has a lifetime guarantee and is made in the United States.

The tensile strength rating of the polyvinyl mesh is over 270 pounds per square inch. That strength is a safety measure of this lifetime warranted child pool safety fence. The Life Saver Pool Fence Systems, Inc. is very devoted to child safety, and they have created the "Save a Life" program that provides a pool safety fence for the family of a near-drowning victim, or a deserving family who cannot afford a fence. You can learn more about the Life Saver Pool Fence at their website,

Removable Pool Fences
Removable fencing is designed to provide pool owners with an added layer of security. The removable pool fencing offers protection to small children by creating a barrier to the swimming pool's edge. These type of safety pool barriers usually have a climb-resistant surface which inhibits people from climbing over the fence. Adults can easily unlatch a panel of the safety pool fence for easy access to the swimming pool. Removable pool fencing is probably the most affordable of safety pool fencing.

A family swimming pool can be the center of wonderful times and memories, or it can be the source of tragedy. Be sure your pool is properly protected with a high quality pool safety fence. Choose a quality mesh that is strong and will not stretch. Be sure your fence posts can not be broken or bent easily. Running and playing children might fall against a fence, and that fence must not give or stretch. Strength is the test of safety.

Look at all the options, and choose your child pool safety fence carefully. A high quality safety pool fence will last for many years. Although parent supervision is the best protection the most important benefit is the peace of mind you will have knowing your child pool safety fence provides real protection to your children and guests.

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