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Child Pool Safety Swimming Tips

By adhering to guidelines and knowing child pool safety swimming tips, swimming can be a safe and secure activity for your children.

Swimming is a great activity that provides a venue for you and your kids to bond and spend quality time together.

However, the dangers of drowning are real, and every parent needs to learn the ways to ensure the safety of their kids to make the pool a safe place for everyone. Although the year 2010 saw fewer incidences of child drowning in the U.S. during the summer months, as compared to past years, efforts are still being stepped up to educate parents about child swimming pool safety precautions to further lower these incidences.

Children do not have the ability to detect danger when they see it, and responsibility rests on the adults shoulders to see to it that precautionary measures are undertaken to protect children from drowning.

Never leave your children unattended, especially in or near the pool. Make it a point to know where your children are at all times. Children, particularly the small ones, are a curious lot and have a natural propensity to explore without being aware of the dangers around them.

It is so easy for a child to wander outside of the house and risk falling into the pool. To prevent this from happening, install see-through, child pool safety fences surrounding the pool, with gates that are self-locking to ensure that they are closed at all times, and with latches and locks positioned beyond the reach of children.

The pool safety fences should ideally be at least four feet in height to prevent children from going over them. It would be prudent to install swimming pool alarms to alert parents of any unsupervised access. You can also install swimming pool safety covers as an added layer of security.

The most important child pool safety swimming tip is supervision, it is of paramount importance. Most child drowning incidents occur in swimming pools and these are brought about by lack of adult supervision. Even if your children have had swimming lessons, this is not an assurance that they will not drown. Children must never be left alone when swimming and must be accompanied by an adult who can guide them and ensure their safety. Keep your child close to you at all times.

Map out an emergency plan. Although proper safety and security measures have been put in place, accidents may still happen, and it would be best to be prepared during an emergency. Learn child CPR safety and require other adults that supervise your children to have first aid certification. Have a telephone, together with emergency numbers, handy by the pool that will easily be accessible when needed.

As reported by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the period 2005 to 2007 saw almost 300 children under the age of five fatally drowning each year and it is estimated that about 3,000 in the same age range were treated for injuries from submersion accidents. The U.S. Center for Disease Control also reported in 2006 that of the total number of children one to four years old who died, 26% died as a result of drowning.

Drowning poses a real threat to children, and oftentimes, parents are ignorant of how serious this threat can be. Awareness and vigilance are keys to preventing drowning or submersion accidents from happening. By placing importance on the above child pool safety swimming tips, swimming can be a secure and enjoyable activity for children and adults alike.

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