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Child Safety Cabinet Locks and Straps

Find child safety cabinet locks and straps at My Child Safety. You can feel safe shopping through Amazon.coms secure servers.

There are many types of child safety cabinet locks on the market. Parent's should do some research on the available child safe cabinet locks online. For further information on choosing the right locks and straps and tips for parent's read our page on Child Safety Latches.

Various types of child safety cabinet locks and straps you'll find in our store:

  1. Childproof Cabinet or Drawer Locks(push-type) Most are screwed inside a drawer or cabinet with this application, although some come with an adhesive strip that can be used for installation.
  2. Child Safety Cabinet Slide Locks Will only work on cabinets with side-by-side/double doors, with knobs or loop handles. You slide the catch to the proper length for the spacing of your cabinet door handles.
  3. Child Safety Cabinet or Drawer Locks with Swivel or disable feature. This application has a swivel feature or disable option to allow temporary disarming. Most must be screwed inside drawer or cabinet, although some come with and adhesive strip that can be used for installation.
  4. Revolving-Childproof Cabinet Locks, also called Lazy-Susan locks. Prevents a child from opening the revolving door on an L-shaped corner cabinet.
  5. Magnetic ChildProof Cabinet/Drawer Locks A magnetic "key" unlocks the latches on your drawers or cabinet doors.
  6. Child Safety Stove-Knob Covers Hinged covers go over stove knobs to prevent children from turning them. Disk type goes under stove knobs to lock them in the "off" position.
  7. Childproof Appliance Locks This is usually a strap with a buckle that prevents a child from opening a fridge, oven, microwave, etc. Some are latches with a catch that can be disabled when kids aren't around.
  8. Childproof Oven Locks This is typically attached to the inside of the oven to keep a child from opening the door.
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