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Child Safety Door Alarms

Any parent, who has had the experience of discovering their young child managed to escape the house without their knowledge, can tell you just how scary that situation is. It only takes a matter of seconds for your little Houdini to slip out unnoticed; it can happen when you turn your back for a brief moment or even at night while you sleep.

Installing deadbolts or child safety door latches is a good precaution to take, but your child will eventually learn how to unlock them. Installing a child safety door alarm is the best way to ensure that even if your child learns how to get the door open, he won't be able to do it without your knowing about it.

Child safety door alarms can be used on internal or external doorways. They are especially important when you live in a high traffic area, have a pool or pond, or have another type of hazard in or near your home.

Most child safety door alarms easily attach to the door or frame and emit a loud signal to alert you that the door has been opened. When the alarm is on, a connection is formed. When the connection is broken by the opening of the door, the alarm is set off. Most do not require wiring. They can be turned on and off as needed, so should be installed out of reach of children who might be able to turn them off.

Door alarms come in a variety of styles, alarm sounds, attachment methods, prices and colors. They are either battery powered or run off the home's electrical current. Some include additional features like remote controls, hardware for permanent installation, and even digital code access. They can be purchased from local hardware or department stores, as well as from online stores specializing in home security or childproofing products.

Basic magnetic door alarms are the easiest to install and the least expensive. They can be purchased individually to use on a single door or multiple doors, based on your need. They work by emitting an alarm when the magnetic connection between the door and frame is broken. Most are battery powered.

Wireless door alarms are usually a bit more expensive than magnetic door alarms. They are installed in two pieces; one for the door and one for the frame and can be used as standalone units or can be programmed into a complete home alarm system.

Comprehensive door alarms are included as a part of a home alarm system. They are generally the most expensive, but also the most reliable and effective systems. Usually sold as a home security package aimed at keeping others out, they can also serve to warn you when children attempt to exit your home unsupervised. These types of alarms include sensors for both doors and windows, which are connected wirelessly to a central control panel.

Child safety door alarms are an additional precaution you can take to prevent your child from wandering outdoors, encountering dangers like swimming pools and busy streets, without your knowledge. With the wide array of alarms available, there are options to meet most any budget and the specific needs of one's home and family.

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