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Child Safety Edge and Corner Guards

What better way to protect your children from the sharp edges of home furniture with child safety edge and corner guards?

As your toddler begins walking and starts running around the house, it's only a matter of time before he runs into tables and bumps his tiny head on something sharp. Protect your toddlers by installing child safety edge and corner guards on tables with sharp corners and edges.

Child Safety Tips Around the Living Room and Dining Room:

  1. Do you have coffee table or end tables with sharp corners? Use corner cushions to protect your crawler or toddler from scratches, cuts or worse. If your table is made of marble or another very hard material, use a table guard that wraps around the entire edge.
  2. Make sure any glass table tops in your home are made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is designed to shatter into small pieces if it breaks, instead of the more dangerous shards from regular glass. If you're buying a new table, the label might tell you whether the glass is tempered.
  3. A table cloth or table runner looks great in a dining room, but to a toddler it might look just like another blanket. Sooner or later he's bound to pull it down, and if he does, whatever is on it might fall on top of him.
  4. Are your dining room chairs safe? Don't let your young child sit on a dining chair that has cutouts, is bentwood or has large slats in the back. Serious injury can result if your child's head or a limb becomes entrapped.
The various types of edge and corner guards here at My Child Safety:

Kidkusion Toddler Edge Kushions, Brown
Prince Lionheart Jumbo Corner Guards, Chocolate Brown
Kidkusion Toddler Corner Kushions Black - 4 Pack
Safety 1st Expandable Table Edge Bumper
Safety 1st Jumbo Edge Protectors
Cardinal Gates Corner Cushion, Brown

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