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Child Safety Identification and Personal Records

Child Safety Identification, Is it necessary?

Statistics show that 2% of reported missing kids are wearing I.D.

When was the last time you left the house without some form of I.D.?

I seldom ever leave the house without my credit cards or drivers license in my purse. My husband never leaves his wallet at home without similar forms of I.D.

So.....what about our children? Our children are involved in all types of activities and yet...they dont carry any type or forms of identification.

Honestly, before I created this website, my boys never had any kind of child safety identification. We just don't think about it, mainly because of their age.

Different forms of child safety identification

High Schools provide some form of safety ID's through the use of I.D. cards. These I.D.'s provide your childs name and sometimes addresses.

For those of us who have children in grade school...names and addresses on our kids personal belongings such as bags and books may also provide identification.

What about during sports activities? What about when they're with friends? Sometimes our kids may become sick or injured while away from home.

Identification cards can be a way for others to know information about your child in case of these emergencys.

Identification cards can provide your childs name, address, and emergency contacts. Allergy bracelets are also great for children with certain allergys.

Alternatives for child identification

Personal records that contain an updated photo of your child and perhaps maybe a lock of hair in a plastic wrap are excellent forms of identification.

In the fight to keep our children protected and out of harms way, we look for many ways to improve in their safety.

Let us take charge! What better time is there than RIGHT NOW? We love our children dearly. Lets show them just how much. Child identification is one way. Lets get started.........

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