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Child Safe Products: Why You Need Them

Child safety products are very important to parents of young children who tend to investigate everything and have little conception of danger or getting lost. There is a massive selection of safety products for children available online, and it can be difficult to choose which are most suitable for your needs.

Here are a few suggestions for products that have been tried and tested and that do the job they were designed to do.

Electrical Safety

Kids just love to poke things into holes, and that's why every home should protect their electrical sockets when children are crawling around. Outlet plug covers can help protect your child from dangerous electrical sockets in a number of ways, though one of the most effective designs is a cap that fits over the entire wall outlet. Most outlet plug protectors have an extra-tight fit that your child will be unable to remove.

You can also get a useful safety cover for power strips that many use to provide a number of surge-protected outlets from one wall socket. Power strip safety covers snap tightly over the strip once the required appliances have been plugged in. Unused outlets in the strip can be secured using safety plugs. Only the cords are left exposed, and the on/off switch is also protected from prying little hands.

Kitchen Safety

Many child safety products focus on the dangers of the kitchen. Every parent is aware of the problem associated with hot pans sitting on stoves. Devices such as stove guards prevent children from getting to the top of the stove and pulling boiling water on top of themselves. Easy to install and remove, this type of device can be used for either electric or gas appliances, and also protect front control knobs from being moved.

With this type of shield or guard fitted, your kitchen will be a safer place for young children. However, it is not a substitute for good parental care, and you should still take extra special care when your children are in your kitchen.

Bathroom Safety

One major problem in the bathroom that many parents fail to recognize is the danger of their child becoming curious about the contents of the toilet bowl. Fall head-first into there, and your child is in very serious trouble. Even if your child knows not to enter the bowl, if a toy falls in your child is liable to lean over and try to fish it out.

A protection device in the form of a toilet lid lock can keep the toilet bowl safe by preventing children from raising the cover. Such devices are easy to fit to all types of toilet bowl lids. They generally offer a one-hand release system that makes it easy for adults to use and relock after use.

Door Safety

There are doors that you would rather your child couldn't open, yet children learn how to open most doors from a very early age. There are many types of child safety products available that enable you to keep the door closed to your child, but leave it easy for you to open.

Some types of child door locks can be easily clamped to the edge of the door, securing it in a partially open position. Far enough for kids to see out and satisfy their curiosity as to what is behind it, but not so far that they can get through. It also guards the child from pinching his or her fingers when the door is closed because it is kept in the partially open position at all times except when opened by an adult.

You can also purchase door locks that clamp to the top of the door, so requiring no drilling and that can be taken with you when you move home. These devices are suitable for most doors including basement doors and garage doors. They can be retracted for periods when not required.

Child Safety Products Outdoors

One of the major problems with kids playing outdoors in your garden or yard is the driveway with access to the main road. You can purchase safety barriers that prevent your child from reaching the traffic. A typical guard would be a net around 36 high and extending to 25 feet or more in length. They are usually mounted each side of the driveway, preventing access to the road.

Most are retractable, but keep in mind that these are temporary safety units that should be used only as a barrier to prevent your kids running straight out into the road. Children should not be allowed to play outside unsupervised until they are old enough to be taught road safety.

Also available online are guards for pool safety and pond safety, so make sure that when you purchase such outdoors child safety products they are suitable for your intended usage.

Child Safety Monitoring Devices

There is a whole host of child safety monitoring products on offer. Some devices warn you when your child wanders off in stores, fairgrounds and playgrounds. They beep when your child moves 25 feet away from your receiving unit. They not only alert you, but the child's unit also beeps and you can find where he or she is located from the audible tone.

Cot or bed monitoring devices are very popular, the best models providing both an audio and a video monitoring facility. There are wireless systems that operate within a range of up to 200 meters, so you can carry them with you. Many offer 2-way capability so you can use it to sing to or soothe your child.

The above are just a few of the child safety products available today, and more are available on this website. While they might seem unnecessary, they do work well, it is only when something happens that you wish you had used one. Young children know no fear, so they depend on their parents to protect them until they learn the everyday dangers of the home.

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