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Child Safety Seat Laws / All States Have Them

Do you know the child safety seat laws in your state? Have you ever thought of your child getting an injury particularly from a car accident? It is something that causes anxiety amongst most parents. In fact responsible parents will always take precaution to ensure that this doesn't happen.

Child Safety Seat Laws

One of the most significant safety precautions is securing your infants, toddlers and babies in car or booster seats. Child safety seats which are sometimes referred to as a child restraint system, infant safety seat or restraint car seat are seats that are designed precisely to guard your child from severe injury or even death during an accident. Usually these seats are bought and installed by the consumers.

Child safety seats offer passive restraints and should be correctly used to be effective. According to statistics, car accidents account for most of the deaths of young children whose age ranges between five to six as well as eight to fourteen.

The statistics show even further that in the year 2007; in excess of 6,000 commuters who were 14 and younger lost their lives in car accidents. A substantial public relations campaign conducted over the last two decades, have indicated that most caretakers and parents have gotten the clue on securing children safely at the time of transport and a major role have been played by car or booster seats.

But different states have got various criteria pertaining the age and size your child should be to travel in a vehicle. Actually, several regions necessitate that children be defined by weight, age or height to be able to use child safety seats that are approved by the government while riding in a vehicle.

Parent's need to understand that child safety seat laws are just like the laws and regulations regarding traffic. Caretakers should recognize the laws that concern transportation of children or infants and have to observe them in every state. It is important to keep in mind that children of different sizes should be secured in a proper car or booster seat while those old-style car safety belts are essentially designed and intended for an adult of average size.

This implies that they cannot secure small children safely. In addition, it is recommended by the experts that children below the age of twelve should travel in the car back seat as this place is the safest for them in case any accident. They also emphasize that children who weigh up to 80 pounds are normally safer when they ride in a booster seat instead of using a safety belt obviously designed for grown persons.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) also advises that it is safer for young children to ride while facing the rear until they attain the highest height or weight that is allowed by the manufacturer of their car safety seat. Essentially, toddlers should be traveling in a rear-facing position till they have attained a minimum of one year of age as well as weighing nearly 20 pounds.

It is unfortunate that, when children particularly whose age ranges from 4 to 8, are not well secured, are very vulnerable to injuries that may include those to the head, neck, spine and even the internal injuries. In fact, most of these kinds of injuries are generally sustained by children when they are not in the booster seats or they are not placed properly in the seat belts plainly designed for the grown-ups.

According to research, children who are secured using adult seat belts earlier than they can be able to fit in them properly are 4 times more probable to get hurt during an accident as compared to kids in a child safety seat or even the booster seats.

Additional height or 'boost' is provided by the booster seats that are necessary to protect them properly in case of any crash. Currently, every state mandates child safety seat laws as well as booster seat laws, though every state sets their own exact requirements regarding the weight, height or age in addition to the kind of safety seat regardless of whether it is booster or car seat. Another thing to consider is the safety features of the vehicle itself. You should check in with your local dealership, such as Nissan dealerships in Peoria AZ, and find out what car is the safest option to protect you and your child.

It is therefore very important for parents and caretakers to research and find out what exactly their state requires. On top of that, parents should also stay updated on any other child car seat recalls which may occur as this is very important to ensure that child safety seat laws are adhered to at all times.

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