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When the temperatures rise, so does the sound of the excited little pitter-patter of bare feet waiting to play outside and take advantage of summer activities.

This is the time of year when children love to play outside and soak up the sun’s rays for as long as they can. The days are longer, and thus, so are the hours spent in the outdoors.

Having your children play outside can also be a bit of a relief for you. You get some down time without being cooped up in the house.

Outside play offers more potential hazards to your child than inside play does.

When it comes to child summer safety, there are many areas in your own backyard that you need to child-proof before letting your barefoot little ones run amuck in the sun.

Safety in the sandbox

Sand in the eyes, a hot barbecue, or let’s not forget the potential dangers of poisonous plants and berries.

You would be surprised at the amount of dangers in your own backyard that could send you and your toddler rushing to the emergency room.

The sandbox is one issue that many parents don’t think of as a potential hazard. The younger your child is, the greater the dangers of the sandbox.

An outside sandbox is a favorite among many children, but young children have a tendency to sample the taste of the soft squishy play thing.

Beware however. Sandboxes are not just adored by children, but by every animal that happens to traverse through your backyard at night.

Because of this, your child could be exposed to parasitic problems such as roundworms or toxoplasmosis the second the sand enters your child’s mouth.

How you can prevent problems such as this is to use a simple sandbox cover to ward off sandbox lurkers.

You also want to replace the sand in your sandbox every year or so, so that your child has clean sand to play in.

If your child has a diaper accident in the sandbox, the sand must be replaced immediately and the box will need a good scrub.

Replacement sand as well as sandbox covers can be found at any local hardware store.

Outdoor barbecue safety

Barbecues are another issue when it comes to child summer safety. When summer arrives, it is a great family event to be able to have a cookout on the patio and to eat meals outside with the family.

Most parents are wise around the barbecue during the time that they are cooking the meal, but many parents forget that when the cooking is finished, the barbecue will stay warm for a period of time after the cookout.

Barbecues today are featured with all kinds of pretty knobs and shiny buttons, and these sorts of things are very interesting to little children.

Protect your children from barbecues after the cookout by keeping all play areas and toys far from the barbecue area.

This will dissuade small children from venturing near the barbecue and its shiny features.

You can also draw a “not allowed” zone in red or white chalk around the barbecue area.

Teach your children this is a dangerous area with HOT HOT things and that they will not be allowed to pass the red or white lines.

When it comes to child summer safety there are many issues that need to be considered.

Bug hazards, water hazards, road hazards, weather hazards, poison hazards, and the like. The list is really endless.

When you are preparing your children for more outdoor time in the summer, begin your child summer safety plan in your own backyard.

Children are safest when they are at home with you, and child-proofing your backyard will be your best defense against the dangers of summer play.

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