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free from bullies We are kind of skeptical when it comes to purchasing ebooks. Mainly because most information provided by ebooks are usually available free through web sources.

So as a rule, My husband and I do not purchase ebooks unless they are highly recommended by someone else.

so...with that said.

After reading Free From Bullies I had to write about my views on the book to give our visitors insight of what they might be purchasing.

Note: Robyn and Wendy's book is an ebook (electronic book) so you will recieve it through email when you order.

Honestly, When I first looked through the sales page for the ebook, I just about closed my browser window and did not purchase. It looked a bit hyped up and pitchy and sounded like all the rest.

The thing that caught my eye and drew me in was that the authors kept emphasizing the same rules and points we talk about on this site in relation to children being bullied in and out of school, so I became intrigued.

Although I was still a bit skeptical, I ordered the ebook anyway. However, Im happy to tell you I was pleasantly surprised with the books contents.

Free From Bullies is filled with information and tips on how to eliminate bullying from your child's life. Explained in a simple step by step guide and easy to follow format.

Robyn and Wendy guide you and your child through a process that helps teach your child to be confident, ignore future teasing, and how to teach your child to be assertive.

Robyn Collins and Wendy Nichols have a combined teaching experience of 39 years, teaching thousands of children in 14 different schools, which makes them a very credible source on the "bullying" subject. They both seem to genuinely want to help parent's and children and not just concerned about selling their ebook.

I learned a lot from Robyn and Wendy's ebook...much more than I expected to.

The reason I am recommending this book to my visitors is because it answers a lot of the questions about children and bullying that I cannot. I receive a lot of emails concerning children and bullying and I'm happy to recommend Robyn and Wendy's book ...especially since they have the credentials.

While our site does a good job of covering the subject of bullying...this ebook digs deeper into teaching children to be confident and assertive.

If you must buy an ebook on how to eliminate bullying from your child's life, let it be this one It was money well spent for me.

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