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Infant Safety Car Seats

Infant safety car seats are the safest way to transport infants. Most infant seats are designed to hold children up to 22 pounds, although some will hold a child weighing up to 30 pounds.

Infant seats most often come with a detachable base that is installed in the vehicle's back seat, and all infant seats have a carrying handle. A dedicated infant seat always faces rear. Infant car seats are only used for the first few months of your baby's life, or the first year at most.

Most infant car seats will accommodate a baby up to 12 months of age and 20 pounds. Check the manufacturer's guidelines for your particular seat because some of them will only hold a baby up to 15 pounds.

While you will be spending more money buying another car seat once your baby grows out of an infant seat, the benefit of this seat is that it can be completely removed from the car and has a swing-up handle.

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