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Nursery Safety Checklist / Making Your Baby's Room Safe

Not all expectant mothers have a nursery safety checklist. That puts you ahead of the game! As you wait for your new baby to arrive, it's exciting to plan your nursery. You want to welcome your new baby into just the right setting, one that reflects your love, personality and your style.

Nursery Safety Checklist

At the same time you want to select only the safest furniture and equipment, and you want to arrange the nursery the safest way possible.

So enjoy this exciting time creating the bedroom you want while following the nursery safety tips we provide.

Painting Your Nursery Before Baby Arrives

We all know that paint can leave fumes in the air for at least a week after it's applied. You will definitely want to have the room painted a few weeks before your baby arrives.

When purchasing paint, make sure you buy interior water-based paint, not alkyd. You will also want to make sure the paint doesn't contain mercury.

What is Lead Paint?

If your house was built before 1978, there is probably lead in the paint on your walls. This is probably ok as long as the paint is still in good shape with no chipping or peeling so that your baby might put it in his mouth.

Assuming the paint is in good condition, you can paint over it. If you doubt the condition of the paint, you should have it tested for lead. If indeed it does contain lead, remove any deteriorating lead paint.

As an expectant mother, you should have someone else paint. You don't want to expose your fetus to any dangerous fumes. Keep the room well ventilated with open windows and fans during and after painting.

Window and Curtain Cord Loops

One of the most important items to check off on your nursery safety checklist is the pull cords on old window blinds and curtains, they all have loops. They should be removed or cut to eliminate the risk of strangulation.

You can place a cord tassle over each cut end and tie a knot to hold the tassel in place. If you are purchasing new window treatments for rooms where kids will be, use cordless treaments.

Never place a crib or bassinet within reach of any window blind cords or curtains. You don't want your child entangled when you're not looking.

Avoid Hanging Items Over the Crib or Changing Table

Try to avoid hanging pictures or shelves above your baby's crib. These items are potentially dangerous especially if they are not mounted correctly. Even if shelving or pictures are secured, there is still that chance your child can reach up and grab a hold as soon as he/she is able to stand.

Wall hangings can be another hazard because most have strings that hang down and can be grabbed easily by a child. Just cut off the strings, better yet, remove the wall hanging.

Nursery Window Safety

We all know that cribs should not be placed near a window, however it is still a good idea to install window guards when you childproof the nursery. It's always good to think ahead and prepare for when your baby does start to walk and climb.

The best window guards are the ones that can be secured with screws into the window frame. This prevents children from pushing against and dislodging as with pressure mounted window guards.

Remember, window screens do not prevent children from falling through them. They simply keep the bugs out. Installing window guards with secured bars that are no more than 4 inches apart is the best option.

It's always a good idea to keep furniture or stools away from windows if you haven't installed window guards yet. This keeps climbing children away from open windows that could potentially lead to a fall.

Crib Safety

Never purchase a used bassinet or crib. That goes for antique cribs as well. Often times, used cribs are missing hardware that prevents it from collapsing or failing in some other way. A lot can be discussed about the safety of a baby's crib. Our website reviews in depth regarding baby crib safety guidelines all parent's should know before buying a baby crib.

As a parent, I hope that the above nursery safety checklist will help you to get a start in preparing for your new baby. There are many more safety guidelines that I have not touched on, but these rules seem to be the most important. Please leave a comment below if you want to share more ideas for creating a safe nursery. I am always glad to hear of new ideas.

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