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Issues Surrounding School Safety

school safety Is my child safe in school?

What issues surrounding school safety concern you the most? Are we comfortable leaving our kids at school? How secure are the schools?

One of the biggest concerns I have is knowing whether or not my child is protected from acts of violence at school.

I definitely take measures to prevent my kids from becoming aggressors or victims.

What can we do to help our children practice Safe Behavior?

We can help by preparing them before enrolling them in school.

"School Safety" tips for your child:

  • Avoid talking to strangers! Let your children and yourself get to know the school staff. Your kids become familiar with staff and know that they belong there.
  • What's the old saying? "Safety In Numbers". This holds true in school also. Teach your child to stay in groups with friends this behavior can sometimes prevent kids from being bullied.
  • Limit the amount of time spent in hallways, in other words... less time going to the restrooms. Try to save restroom usage when its break or recess.
  • Know who your kids are friends with. Talk with your kids and encourage them to avoid children who have problems dealing with anger. Steer away from kids who tend to pick on others.

Above all, report out of the ordinary behavior. Such as:

  • Kids bringing weapons to school
  • Drugs or Alchohol
  • Vandalism

Let your kids know that if they report such incidents its not being a "tattle tell" or "snitch". Its helping to keep them safe and their friends safe. Everyone Safe!

Talk to your children about these school safety issues. It's important that we build a trusting relationship with our kids.

A big concern of mine and something me and my husband have already been through with our 9 year old son is Bullying. Fortunatley our son came to us about the matter and we were able to resolve the problem quickly.

This is a perfect example of how communicating with our kids can bring problems like this to a quick halt.

Other issues concerning school safety can include:

  • Violence and Gangs
  • Disaster situations
  • Drugs In Schools
  • School Playground Safety
  • Health and Safety at School

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