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Street Safety for You and Your Child

street safety Street Safety tips and rules

We as parents along with our children can learn about street safety and be aware of the many dangers we can encounter.

Here are some rules that you can teach your kids when they are going places like school or a friends house or anywhere that involves them using the streets.

  • If at all possible try and walk with a group of friends.
  • Know exactly where you are going and do not wander or stroll.
  • Give the impression that you have to be somewhere right that minute and running late.
  • Stay on the busier areas. Walk in the middle of the sidewalk. Avoid abandoned or empty buildings. Never take short cuts.
  • If you see someone doing something wrong.....go the other direction.
  • If you feel threatend or feel something is going to happen to to a populated area or store and ask for help. You can also try and yell out "Dad!" and run that direction.
  • As mentioned before...never take short cuts. Use the same route everyday going to and from school. If your kids run errands..sit down with them and plan a route you both know to and from stores or friends houses.
  • Never talk to strangers!
  • When walking the need to avoid every possible distraction to keep them focused on where they are going. This may include...not wearing head- phones or playing hand held games.
  • This next rule is a must for me as a parent. There are other alternatives. Have your child carry a cell phone for emergency calls only. Not all parents can do this (Very understandable) maybe have them carry loose change for a phone call.

You can print these rules and practice them with your children. Add to the list with your own ideas and share them with others.

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Do2Learn Street Safety Songs teach children how to be safe while near the street. Lessons include "Stay in the Yard", "Walk on the Sidewalk", "Cross the Driveway", "Cross at an Intersection", "Cross at a Walk Signal", and "Cross at a Traffic Light".

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