Vacation Child Safety Tips

Vacation Child Safety Tips by Kay Green

  • Have each child (ages 0-18) wear a physical ID at all times. I recommend an ID Bracelet, or Velcro shoe tag or personalized Dog Tags.
  • Play the "What if ..." game with your children. If you ask my toddler, "What if Mommy gets lost?" (they never think they are lost) she will tell you, "Find another mommy, take off my shoe (or bracelet) and ask the mommy to call you!"
  • Make a game of remembering what color each of you is wearing that day. If you are at a large group, wear matching T- shirts to help identify your group.
  • Have a plan: If we get separated, stay where you are, and Mommy will find you. If you are scared, ask another mommy to stay with you and call me.
  • Have a photo ID of each child in your wallet. In case of separation, you have a photo and description to help others looking for the child. Each adult with the group needs these. Or take a photo with your phone or digital camera as you enter the location.
  • Have multiple family contacts and telephone numbers in the glove box, in your purse, in backpacks, on shoe stickers, on strollers, etc. Add numbers for family members not traveling with you (grandma, sister, uncle, brother).
  • Every child and teen should carry an ID card with family contact numbers, cell phone numbers plus a medical release signature. Put it in their wallet, in their backpack and on their car seat and stroller.
  • Teach the child to drop to the ground and scream loudly, "He is not my daddy/mommy. HELP!" if someone tries to take them.
  • Take your child's car seat with you on vacation. Then you know you have the right seat for your child. Put a ID card on the car seat in case of a car accident. I prefer the luggage tag style ID card for this. I add one to their back pack too. These can be found at
Kay Green is the founder of Children's Safety Products and Baby Gear.

Kay & Russell, her husband of 29 years live in Oregon, have 3 adult children and an 8 year old daughter.

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